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  • elkarlo

  • I am not certain. It coukd just be that people were really disrespectful. Look at Sutter and his farm, 49s essentially walked and took it
    Why didn't you reply directly to my comment? Anyways, I read that, at the time, many Americans viewed Mexicans as racially and socially inferior.
  • Ricardolindo

  • I read in a thread that you have Californio (Spanish colonial settlers in California) ancestors. A question: Did any of your Californio ancestors lose land grants after the Mexican-American War? That happened with a lot of Californios.
    I am, on my mom's side. Yes, I do t have the details, but they lost a good chuck after annexation. Then they got sued all the time and lost land in every case. I could ask my aunt for more details like acres and dates.
    Is it true, that, there were racist connotations to the land grants sues against the Californios?
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