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  • David Ritz

  • Since you are famous on this blog for writing a dystopian alternate history scenario centred on Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, I was wondering if you saw the 2018 film Vice. If so, what did you think of its portrayal of Rummy and the Dick?
  • redjirachi

  • Your alternate history is awesome. I have to give you credit for making George freaking Wallace someone you can root for and feel sympathetic for. Hell, I wonder if making an AH where Strom Thurmond is someone you can root for is possible or not

    How come you decided to make Douglas Coe a Complete Monster according to TV Tropes? Was he so bad OTL?
  • bookmark95

  • Dear Drew,

    I am very happy about your update. I was wondering if I could make another contribution: I want to write an "in-universe" historical journal about why the Republicans couldn't stop the rise of the CV, and how their actions in the Rumsfeldian years contributed to the downfall of the US.
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