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  • I just came across you today and read the Beyond Earth Mass Effect Crossover. And seeing how old it is, I don't assume you're still working on the Galactic part of it... Good writing though, I liked it.
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    Honestly, both it and another TL I wrote happened just before some dark stuff happened to me. I couldn't bring myself to touch either for some time, and now I just don't have the time unfortunately :/
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    Ah, I see and I also understand that. I never intended for there to be much of an answer, however this is good closure. Thank you and I wish you luck in the real world.
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  • Most of the posts in that "outside the USSR" thread are giving me cancer. I appreciate you sticking it out in there and pushing back.
    I get what you're saying but I just can't get past DValdrons use of that post to further the seeming equation of fighting back against literal fascism/slavery and actual genocide commited by monsters. The "swede" jab was ridiculous too IMO. Clearly Goulash doesn't want to kill all Swedes.
    Tbh, I am not following the conversation that closely tonight. Ive been up since 5am (it now being 9:30pm) with a teething baby and dealing with a bank all day whilst not being able to keep anything down. Suffice to say, I am not 100% right now =L
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    Aw, I hope you and the baby feel better soon :).
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  • I'd like to thank you, Peter. We'd discussed some time ago on socialism and communism c. late 2016 and I'd like to thank you for that, because it actually helped me warm up to Marx and be more open to more left-wing ideals beyond my little 'half-half' section I was in. Our conversation helped me decide, in part to the elections the same year, to change my views and fully embrace being a leftist.
  • Alias


  • The US and USSR were authoritarian republics during the Cold War?
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    CountPeter 3
    Yep, but in very different ways. Both practiced imperialism, both used underhanded authoritarian tactics to maintain the ruling ideology (e.g. Nixon and Weed) and both were quite infamous for their high arrest rates in contrast to other contemporary countries.
    CountPeter 2
    Apparently there is a limit on how much you can write in a single post and my phone doesn't like copying and pasting.

    I'm not saying that the two countries were the same, or that it wouldn't matter where you lived for that matter, but that outside of the small descriptor of being democratic, the US during the Cold War held pretty much every other signifier you could think for being an authoritarian state.
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