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  • dskdev


  • What ever happened to the Majestic 12 rp? Reading them back, I don't know what it was like to play them but they're great stories if a little railroaded because of historical context. Shame you never reached the late 90s, lots of alien pop culture stuff could have been referenced (Independence Day, Men in Black, Stargate etc)
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    BlackWave 2
    Ah it was just a thing where key players drifted off for varying reasons. Thanks for reading them— @ajm8888 did his own spin-off short stories in the writer’s forum, one going ahead to the 21st century I think, if you haven’t seen those.
    Thanks, I will check them out and also some of your new stuff too.
  • pattontank12


  • Is there anywhere I can find your old Great Interstellar War comics? I looked at the old thread for it and most are gone.
    Not as such, might have some stored somewhere but that’s bout it
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