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  1. AceOfSpades Ephraim Ben Raphael
    Have you considered posting in SB?
  2. PopulistBean Sithlent
    Are you going to continue the American century?
  3. THeaven King of the Uzbeks
    thanks for liking my post. check out my Marvel Primetime universe form in Media and Fandom
  4. bryanfran36 syipinc
    I know that Kaiser's Stool is locked, but I read Force Fed, your SW one shot crack. Could you perhaps expand it into something bigger like your Stargate and Chinese crack stories?
  5. Israel_Dan the Man Fed
    Hello, I'm a huge fan of "In Frederick's Fields" on the Alt History wikia.

    I have just a small favor to ask of you:

    could you please change Judea's population and GDP? I feel that the current one is rather chunky.

    Could you please change it to this:

    1. (My preferred one):
    Population: 39,012,452
    HDI: 0.953
    GDP: $3.5 trillion (nominal and PPP), $89,752 per capita

    Please respond, and have a super day!
  6. AwesomeCarlos1
    Historian in Training
  7. Jason14k Sbiper
    Ah okay still do you think you'll do another similar one in the future?
  8. Sbiper
    One of the reasons I chose Harris was his confluence of tactical and technological innovations that he could influence,,
  9. Georgepatton
    Looking for an Excuse to Hate
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  10. Jason14k Sbiper
    I was wondering if you would considered doing another story like ATSRTW but they take over Montgomery or some other general?
  11. Viralworld LSCatilina
    Here’s to hoping you come back!
  12. Dorozhand
    Went to the dentist 2day. Now I'm going to try and find a physician. I've got an apptmt @ Corktown on the 17th for inquiry into HRT :D
  13. Zovan Rinasoir
    please update your ASOIAF Si
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    2. Rinasoir
      Apr 14, 2019 at 12:36 PM
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  14. PachPachis
    We’ll build a town and we’ll call it Simple Town
  15. Ricardolindo Gukpard
    1. Gukpard
      Yes, but for another reasons.

      Furthermore, they were far right dictatorships, not totalitarian fascist ones. Marcello Caetano in the portuguese case led the "Primavera Marcelista" that you know about, lifting the obligation of the portuguese youth and creating a lot of personal freedoms that allowed the openness that defeated the new state.
      Apr 13, 2019 at 2:05 PM
    2. Gukpard
      Franco made similar things from 1947 on, by 1968 the Francoist regime was wide open and he already had appointed Juan Carlos as his sucessor and everyone expected it to open after it's death, even Franco himself.
      Apr 13, 2019 at 2:05 PM
  16. néocorvinus CountPeter
    Can I try to do a remake of Iron Effect? I'd like to make it a timeline.
    1. CountPeter
      Sure :)
      Apr 12, 2019
  17. TimTurner
    starting TLs is easy, maintaining dedication to them is hard. Like if you agree!
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