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  1. Servox312 OldNavy1988
    Do you need any other info for The Trial?
  2. Servox312 OldNavy1988
    The Trial: November 2005.

    Grand Diamond.
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  3. Servox312 OldNavy1988
    Here is the synopsis for The Trial: John K is an ordinary man who is arrested and charged for an unspecified crime (He is never told what crime he has committed, only that he is under arrest.) As time goes on, he finds himself thwarted at every turn and his life falling apart as he tries to prove his innocence. The film would follow the plot of the 1962 OTL film.
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    2. OldNavy1988
      Pretty nice. Just gotta remember what year to bring it out and which studio.
      Oct 22, 2018 at 12:33 AM
  4. Rainbow Sparkle Ogrebear
    By any chance, would you be interested in collabing in me and Lylithix's Star TrekxStar Wars co-op/collab story?
  5. frustrated progressive
    Well I’m off on the college trip today.
  6. IntellectuallyHonestRhino Asp
    Al Jolson music is not as popular today as it was eighty years ago.
  7. IntellectuallyHonestRhino Asp
    Madison Jay and Hamilton wrote some important papers.
  8. PachPachis
    A horse's entire life is basically one long pushup
  9. Admiral A. Kolchak
    Stats Oct 2018 - Posts per day: ~5.96 - Map Thread Posts per day: ~0.15 - Likes Recieved per day: ~3.38 - Threads Started per year: ~12.94
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      Supplementary Stats: Likes per post: ~0.57; Followers per year: 6.13; Profile Posts per day: ~0.035; Posts/Threads ratio: 168:1
      Oct 20, 2018 at 11:33 PM
  10. pieman97405
    -.. --- . ... / .- -. -.-- --- -. . / .-. . .- -.. / - .... . ... . ..--..
  11. Admiral A. Kolchak
    Drowning in schoolwork... :(
  12. frustrated progressive
    Sending off the first of my college applications today! I’m so excited.
  13. Matt Dlg123
    Thanks for the likes on Kevlar Legions.
  14. Athreya V Neptune
    Please continue Bloodlines (it's really great)
  15. Robor Tentrees
    I just message you i would really like to get the copy of the story please and thanks
  16. Wolttaire King of the Uzbeks
    Why did you like every single post?
    1. King of the Uzbeks
      It's a way of alerting everyone of an update
      Oct 18, 2018 at 10:55 PM