Here are my online Alternate History Timelines

A series of freak storms around the world, in turn, blow the Chinese explorer Zheng He's ships all the way to Mexico, sink the Pinta and the Santa Maria, and kill Johannes Gutenburg, among other things. With the Renaissance in ruins and Pacific trade booming, what will be the future of the planet?

Off the coast of San Salvador, there is a strange area of white mist leading to a parrallel world. In this world the dinosaurs never went extinct and have evolved into much more dangerous creatures. When the Spanish arrive, the Natives have already built a huge city there. Over the years, the European powers struggle for control of this literal New World and events pan out very differently than in OTL.

At the stroke of midnight, 1st January 2000 AD, the entire city of New York and it's airspace is sent 1000 years back in time. How will Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his associates deal with this new crisis? Will they be able to?

My take on the popular AH genre, World War Two. Hitler manages to alienate the Japanese and the Italians, and is forced to ally with the Soviet Union for support. With two of the greatest evils, Nazism and Stalinist Communism, working together, does the free world have any chance?

Thoughts on possible future alternate histories...