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-====== Kuropatkin'​s Disaster ====== 
-An [[early 20th century]] [[Russia|Russian]] and [[Italy|Italian]] timeline by [[offtopic:​SteveW]]. You can read it [[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=31651|here]]. 
-==== Premise and POD ==== 
-A Russian deserter tells the Germans that the Lak Naroch Offensive of 1916 is coming, and they get ready. And the Russian WWI catastrophe of OTL is even worse. But the thing that might confuse you all is that this ATL will be centered more on Italy... 
-==== Navigation ==== 
-**[[early 20th century|Early 20th Century Timelines]]** 
-**[[timelines/​timelines_and_scenarios|Alternate History Timelines and Scenarios Main Directory]]** 
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