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 === Kerguelen Islands centered TLs === === Kerguelen Islands centered TLs ===
 +  * //​**[[https://​​forum/​threads/​a-new-atlantis-the-kerguelen-microcontinent.109892/​|A New Atlantis - The Kerguelen Microcontinent]]**//​ by [[offtopic:​freodhoric]]
 +  * //​**[[https://​​forum/​threads/​the-strange-history-of-kerguelen-colony.407646/​|The Strange History of the Kerguelen Colony]]**//​ by [[offtopic:​corditeman]]
   * Know of any other timelines set here ? ;-) Feel free to add them ! :-)   * Know of any other timelines set here ? ;-) Feel free to add them ! :-)
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 **[[offtopic:​Kerguelen Islands]]** **[[offtopic:​Kerguelen Islands]]**
-**[[pods:​Kerguelen Islands|Kerguelen Islands ​ Points of Divergence]]**+**[[pods:​Kerguelen Islands|Kerguelen Islands Points of Divergence]]**
 **[[resources:​Kerguelen Islands|Useful Resources about Kerguelen Islands]]** **[[resources:​Kerguelen Islands|Useful Resources about Kerguelen Islands]]**
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 **[[List of Countries by Timeline]]** **[[List of Countries by Timeline]]**
-**[[timelines/timelines_and_scenarios|Alternate History Timelines and Scenarios Main Directory]]**+**[[timelines:timelines_and_scenarios|Alternate History Timelines and Scenarios Main Directory]]**
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