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 +Tiv Zav is a half-Awoken,​ formerly living in the asteroid belt beyond Mars called "The Reef". The queen of the Awoken, Mara Sov, previously had a group of aliens, known as the House of Wolves, under her command. However, one of their members, Skolas, started a rebellion, causing her and her father, Curjax Zav, to flee to Earth, hoping that the City would keep them safe. However, it was ultimately in vain, since their ship was shot down by the House of Devils, another Fallen house. They attempted to walk the rest of the distance, but were ambushed. Tiv tried to retreat to the ship as her father fought off the Fallen, but she was stabbed through the gut by a Fallen blade. She watched her father get killed, before Athena teleported her to the Belladonna, where Silver healed her. She was adopted by Gray and Silver, and is full of disbelieve at her fathers death and paranoia.
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