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 +====== Oceance ======
 +Built tall and thin, her facial features sharp, harsh and high, coat of the purest white, Oceance is the image of the high Aristocracy. Born into immense luxury she was spoilt since birth, but she was raised almost entirely by Nannies, she has no idea who her father is and her Mother was always absent. She had little of a childhood, constantly tutored in the 'Noble Arts' since a very young age, and always expected to act for beyond her years, her Mother was always strict and distant when she was around, never really treating her as a Daughter. ​
 +Immensely intelligent she passed with ease into the Royal University of Canterlot at 18. Freed from her mothers influence she began acting out, experimenting with everything available, the Aurlais family ended up paying a fortune in bail money and University '​donations'​. Maturing in her later years at University Oceance developed her speaking skills through local political associations,​ becoming incredibly proficient by the end. Graduating with honours Oceance was now an immensely confident young Mare, keen to escape her Mothers shadow.
 +So when approached by agents of the Princess to go on an epic quest to save Equestria she jumped at the call, and so we begin out tale...
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