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-===== Eternals : Highlander (propaganda) ===== 
-A 1986 historical fantasy movie, starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. It's a fictionalized (and heavily romanticized) portrayal of real world Eternals. 
-The movie was actually a piece of Eternals'​ propaganda financed and supervised by [[the Trust]], in a gambit to cover up the existence of the real immortals or at least subliminally achieve sympathies for them among the regular human populace, in case their secret was revealed. To quote [[Bosch]], the head of the Trust : 
-//"The Trust covertly aided the movie'​s development and production, as part of a continuing effort to build a background of disinformation to prevent any leaks from damaging The Masquerade. Assorted other immortality-themed science fiction stories and films have been given similar boosting for the same reason."//​ 
-The main villain character of the movie, "The Kurghan"​ (played by Clancy Brown), was partially inspired by the real world case of the omnicidal Eternal known as The Blood Knight, while the hero Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) was based on the early life of an Eternal born amongst the Picts. The signature katana used by both the mentor figure Ramirez (Sean Connery) and his apprentice MacLeod (Lambert) was based on the works of the Japanese Eternal known as Tadayo. 
-==== See Also ==== 
-**[[The Trust]]** 
-**[[The Cave]]** 
-==== Navigation ==== 
-**[[ Eternals]]** 
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