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Texan member of Likes space. Likes space a lot, actually.


Current: Forward Apollo!: What if, instead of a space shuttle, there was Apollo part II? Witness the fall–and rise–of America's crewed space program in the decades that follows (contains reboot–starts on page 3). Also includes: more successful Soviet space program! British space program! A return to the Moon!


Gusmobile to the Moon!: Faster, better cheaper: Gemini offered all these and more in the early '60s. However, the older and more politically connected Apollo was used as America's moon craft instead. What if that was reversed?

For Want of a Sail…: Governor General Guy Carleton dies when the ship he is on sinks prior to reaching Canada. As a result the Quebec Act is never passed–and Canada joins the 13 colonies in Revolution.

Fall of the Red Tsar: Stalin commits suicide in 1932. Everything is different.

Indian-American Alliance (working title): India allies with the US during the Cold War. Pakistan is pushed to invent Islamism 20 years early, India experiences a little economic miracle of its own, and China is left playing catch-up by 2000. Also, there isn't a Vietnam War. Very speculative.

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