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TheShah, AKA Shah, or originally Shaharazar discovered SW while terribly bored during winter break 2010/11 after randomly typing in google the words, Alternate History. He doesn't really remember what happened next, only that he was then waiting insatiably for EoE to start.

Attends college in Indiana, working in DC the last few semesters.

A relatively new kid on the block, but is fully addicted, making him dedicated to improving the realism and entertainment aspects of the game. Started modding during his first game.

He sees OverLord as a model for governance, SirScott as a model for class, Fenwick as a model for espionage, AD for brutality, and Rebel for military matters.

Is one of the few “newbs” of the shared world's main forum that did increadibly well his first game, despite odds at the beginning.

Politically a Centrist but with Fascist (Italian) sympathies even though he knows they will never be adopted nor should he vote on said beliefs.

His infamous comedy act, the duo “Montes and Shah” is responsible for the last three SW games most infamous characters: Kirov, Seeing Buffalo, Saipan, and now the “Mad Emir”.

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