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-Roberto el Rey is a poster who hails, with a lesser or greater levels of pride depending on the year, from the [[offtopic:​usa|United States of America]]. Despite residing in the [[offtopic:​illinois|Land of Lincoln]], he is unlikely ever to support the [[https://​​wiki/​Republican_Party_(United_States)|Party of Lincoln]]. Instead he is rather more of a social liberal/​democrat,​ which makes him a commie by his country'​s standards but apparently right at home by the standards of ​Roberto el Rey ======
-He is currently deeply involved in his TL, [[timelines:before_1984|Before 1984]], which seeks to create a plausible backstory for the world of Orwell'​s //1984//. He frequently posts updates, although he invariably checks back within two days, finds flaws in prior posts and changes them, sometimes to the effect of modifying the entire post. If you quote a post of his and then notice later on that that post is different, don't be surprised.+A poster from [[offtopic:illinois|Illinois]] who joined ​in March of 2017.
-He reads lots of the TLIADs because they are short enough for him to digest in one sitting. Otherwise, he can typically be found lurking around the Finished Threads forum and various contemporary politics threads. In addition to an alternate historian, he is also a singer. He is proficient, to varying levels, in Russian and French, with a smattering of Spanish for good measure. His writing style has been described (by himself and others) as captivating but rather long-winded,​ though most resulting flaws in his prose are typically fixed in short order (see above). He is self-centered enough that he will write several paragraphs about nothing but himself that probably no one will ever care to read.+**Works**
-====== Trivia ====== +**[[offtopic:​under_the_spreading_chestnut_tree|Under ​the Spreading Chestnut Tree]]** (formerly Before ​1984)an ongoing TL which attempts ​to give a plausible backstory for George Orwell'​s classic novel //Nineteen Eighty-Four//.
-  ​He is not named Roberto, or Robert, for that matter. +
-  * He is not a King of any sort. +
-  * He's younger than you may think, though apparently this is a theme on this site. +
-  ​He can name all former leaders of the USA, Canada, France and Russia. +
-  ​He has a particular interest in Russian and Soviet history, though all of history enchants him. +
-  ​He has a veritable treasure trove of old Soviet-era jokes burned into his memory. +
-  * His favorite books are, naturally, //1984//as well as //The Master and Margarita// and perhaps //The Little Prince//. +
-  * His favorite movies include //​Back ​to the List Item Future////The Blues Brothers//, //The Big Lebowski//, and //Dr. Strangelove//​. +
-  * He usually sings Tenor II, though can do Bass if necessary.+
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