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 ====== Pericles ====== ====== Pericles ======
-Pericles is a member of the boardinvolved in a wide range of regions of the board. ​Author ​of the now Turtledove-nominated ​TL: A Different PathA History of the Kerry Administratio ​& Beyond ​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=335609+ 
 +board member who joined in April 2013. 
 +==== Works ==== 
 +Pericles has been involved in a wide range of regions of the board. ​ 
 +Among other pursuits, he's the author ​of the Turtledove-nominated ​timeline //​**[[timelines: A Different Path A History of the Kerry Administration ​& Beyond|A Different PathA History of the Kerry Administration & Beyond]]**//. 
 ---- ----
 ==== Navigation ==== ==== Navigation ====
-**[[Member List]]**+**[[member list#p|Member List]]**
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