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 ====== Pericles ====== ====== Pericles ======
- +Pericles ​is a member of the board, involved ​in a wide range of regions of the boardAuthor of the now Turtledove-nominated TL: A Different Path: A History of the Kerry Administratio & Beyond​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=335609
-Pericles ​has recently joined ​the board. Has made many posts in a short period ​of timeWhile first interested in the Ancient World, his interests have shifted to the Middle Ages and Reformation timesIs a shape shifting alien and does lots of private writingPericles has several times. Come to odds with CalBear, who gave him 3 infractions and once had him kicked for a week. Pericles has since created a few hundred more threads. +
 ---- ----
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