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 ====== Jasen777 ====== ====== Jasen777 ======
-A forumer hailing from Texas, known only for his winning of the first timeline contest (see  [[alternate history:​Timeline Contests]]) against incredibly tough competition. ​ Despite his better judgment, he cannot resist being dragged into arguments about who won the War of 1812.      
-He is a supporter ​of the [[Federalist Federation of Federalists]] Party.  ​+A forumer hailing from [[Texas]], known only for his winning ​of the first two timeline contests (see  ​[[alternate history:​Timeline Contests]]) against incredibly tough competition.  ​
-He is also recognized as one of the biggest contributors to this Wiki and often polices it against vandalism.+---- 
 +==== Works ==== 
 +**[[offtopic:​Writings ​of Jasen777]]** 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[Member List]]**
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