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The man himself

A relatively new member hailing from Tasmania, and a tongue-in-cheek nationalist to that effect. His real name is Isaac and he possesses a deviantArt page entitled Dain Siegfried, a relic from his weeny years and which he has come to greatly regret. (Ironically he actually has the deviantArt account HowAboutThisForAName, which he made so that no one else could get the name; but moving all his shit over there would be a right pain and getting all his followers to change over would be too large a kerfuffle to bother with).

Currently a uni-level law & commerce student, and a writer on the side, he spends most of his time on making B_Munroesque and increasingly inkscape maps, building his science fiction world, complaining about the failings of the Liberal Party of which he subscribes in the Australian politics thread, and fretting about automation and how it will effect the innovation based economy he prides his country on.


Politically Isaac is a self described centrist, albeit trending on the conservative side therein, probably because of his predilection for economics. Big on law and order though, and thinks he can appreciate the benefits and detractions from all ideologies that aren't batshit. (i.e. full of it)

Isaac is also a firm believer that the reason the new series of Bananas in Pyjamas is shot in CGI rather than live action, as in the original series, is because the island of Cuddles Avenue is being used as a refugee detention center and that wouldn't make for child friendly television.

Timelines & shit

Beneath the Mountain Ash - A future history TL detailing a war for independence fought in the unlikely locale of his home state of Tasmania. Currently being rewritten.

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