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 ====== Colonelgoth ====== ====== Colonelgoth ======
-Colonelgoth is a relatively new poster, despite ​joining the board in early 2008. He has not done any work on anything. Nope no maps, flags or timelines from this slackerThis is probably due to his chronic and crippling self doubt and lack of self worth. Luckily his alter ego Chad Terwilligar has set up the Daily NPC News, a Newspaper ​loosely ​affiliated with the [[Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party]] ​allowing ​Colonelgoth to acquire membership in said party, hopefully raising his profile by an estimated 1.23%.+Colonelgoth is one of the board'​s many vocal Scots. Despite ​joining the board in early 2008 he is a relatively new poster, mostly confining himself within Off-topic, apart from an aborted attempt at a shared world (Which has lead him to avoiding the place like the plague). 
 +He has actually ​done some work people! 
 +maps in the map threada flag somewhere, and the contributions to the shared world  
 +He has also contributed ​to artwork ​of the FFBFP and the Kralltonic Order 
 +==Alter Egos== 
 +His alter ego is Chad Terwilligar has set up the Daily NPC News, although Chad has been quiet recently due to trouble over expenses, he is busy wwriting his memoirs as money-making scheme once he is released from Arkham.  
 +The Daily NPC Newspaper ​became ​affiliated with the [[Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party]] ​which allowed ​Colonelgoth to acquire membership in said party, hopefully raising his profile by an estimated 1.23%. ​ 
 +Since the abolishment of politics Mr Terwilligar has gone into reclusion. Some say he has been killed or arrested. 
 +==Membership of the FFBFP and Present== 
 +in 2009 Colonelgoth became a full and active member of the FFBFP (Including temporarily taking control). He was also a high ranking member of [[the Kralltonic Order]] being Chaplain for the Knights.  
 +Due to the power of dibs, Colonelgoth was the first Kralltonic knight to get a position of power in the newly conquered territories,​ becoming premier of Goguryeo (former North Korea).  
 +Since the subsequent end of politics and the break up of the Kralltonic order/FFBFP all claims to Goguryeo have lapsed. 
 +Colonelgoth entered into the peerage as Earl of Mar. One of the last peerages to be accepted before the suspension of activities. 
 +==Honourable Gentleman'​s Club== 
 +Despite being an offered, Colonelgoth has declined to join the club, stating that he did not feel honourable enough to join. However he is closely affiliated with it and presently resides in a small, eloquently designed and built shack underneath the main stairs.  
 +It contains: 
 +  * A bed 
 +  * Wet room 
 +  * Kitchenette 
 +  * Small library, populated mostly with pilfered books from the HGC Wisdom Institute, much to chargin of the [[Silencing and Terrifying Fury of Upstairs|Lord Roem]] 
 +  * Several drawers of HGC engraved silverware 
 +  * Many bottles of alcohol '​donated'​ by the various establishments of the HGC.  
 + peerage== 
 +Earl of Mar (June 2009- ) 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[Member List]]** 
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