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 ====== Cameroon ===== ====== Cameroon =====
 +Cameroon is one of the [[offtopic/​regions#​africa|central African]] countries. It has some of the lush western and central African rainforests in its northern regions.
 +Formerly one of the few bigger German colonies in Africa, but after German ownership ceased, the territory was somewhat contested by the French and the British. The French eventually secured their supremacy, and post-independence Cameroon has kept using French as its official language to this day. The former German colony was larger than the later variation the modern state is based on, and thus also included parts of today'​s neighbouring countries.
 +[[Cameroon]] borders [[Nigeria]] in the west, [[Chad]] in the northeast, the [[Central African Republic]] in the southeast and [[Gabon]] and [[Equatorial Guinea]] in the south. Cameroon'​s southwestern border consists of its Atlantic coastline, geographically part of the Gulf of Guinea.
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