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 ====== Burkina Faso ====== ====== Burkina Faso ======
 +Burkina Faso is one of the [[offtopic/​regions#​africa|west African]] countries. During its colonial times and earlier decades of independence,​ it was also known as Upper Volta, a name derived from the Volta river.
 +Burkina Faso is landlocked. It borders [[Mali]] in the west and the north, [[Niger]] in the northeast and east, [[Benin]] in the southeast, [[Togo]] and [[Ghana]] in the south and [[Cote d'​Ivoire]] (Ivory Coast) in the southwest. ​
 ==== See Also ==== ==== See Also ====
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 **[[resources:​Burkina Faso|Useful Resources about Burkina Faso]]** **[[resources:​Burkina Faso|Useful Resources about Burkina Faso]]**
 ==== Navigation ==== ==== Navigation ====
 **[[regions|Regions of the World]]** **[[regions|Regions of the World]]**
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