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A poster with a strange knack for creating timelines that generate no conversation, but thousands of views.

Dimension 459, with 24,755 views and 304 posts is a good example, as well as the work in progress Dimension 398 with 10,649 views and 147 comments. In case you haven't noticed Dimension # is a theme due to all TLs being part of a mega timeline. Official head (and so far only member of the Royal Canadian Comission for Threadjacking (RCCT), a (the) subsection of the Pointless Royal Soceities Assembly. Declares hereself Governor General of this Wiki until someone else notices and asks her to relinquish the title.

It is okay that I do my own right? Well I have so live with it.

Now also King/Queen/Overlord of the Sandbox!!

It is okay that i edit yours right? -komey

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