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 ====== Alternatehistorybuff5341 ====== ====== Alternatehistorybuff5341 ======
-A long-standing [[united states|American]] member of the board.+A long-standing [[USA|American]] member of the board. ​Mostly active in discussions,​ but has written some works of his own. 
 +==== Shared Worlds projects ==== 
 +He is the creator of //​**[[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=213529|Fictional ISOT Map Game II]]**//, a [[shared worlds:map games|map game]] that won the "​**[[https://​​forum/​threads/​1/​post-7219879|Best Continuing Map Game]]**"​ at the [[alternate history:​2013 winners|2013 Turtledove Awards]]. 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[Member List#​a|Member List]]**
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