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 **30th of August** - turns 20 years old! **30th of August** - turns 20 years old!
-----+===== 2021 ===== 
 +**April 10**  
 +Ian announces that threads in Chat and Non-Political Chat that have been inactive for six months will be entirely deleted from the forums. This was done for a variety of reasons. First, it would speed up the board, as it would free up memory space. Second, and most important, it would protect member privacy, as many have previously posted political opinions they have long since move on from, several have discussed gender-transitions,​ and some mused on old relationships. This was met with a mix of approval and concern, with some pushing back on Ian’s announcement. Ian conceded to only deleting threads that haven’t been active for a year, but remained adamant that this was the right course of action for the board. 
 +**April 18**  
 +Ian begins the process that is, from here forward, called the Great Deletion. Thousands of threads are moved to specially created subforums and out of Non-Political Chat and Chat, scheduled to be deleted the next month. The Great Deletion would be on track to remove nearly 8 million posts, some dating back to 2004. A few notable threads would avoid the Great Deletion and be placed in a special Archive subforum.
 ==== See Also ==== ==== See Also ====
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 **[[ Structure]]** **[[ Structure]]**
 ==== Navigation ==== ==== Navigation ====
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