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 +====== A Small Problem ====== the Series episode by [[Dave Howery]]. It features everyone in the crew, and on their current timeline'​s Earth, being de-aged to children by a maniac in [[Sault Ste. Marie]] playing with teleporter technology. Everyone, that is, except [[GBW]] - who was too far away, being engaged in a solitary reverie for a mysterious lost love - and [[Keira Knightley]],​ who, being an artificially created human, has no genetic memory of being a child for the teleporter to use. GBW and Keira reactivate Leo and, after trying to handle the kids for a while, resort to putting drugs in their soft drinks to keep them quiet. They they go down to the planet to find the creator of the de-ageing effect and stop them - it turns out to be yet another [[Luakel]] clone, who the three of them kill. GBW also heroically fights a giant robotic beetle. The de-ageing effect is reversed at the end, and GBW seems to be getting over his lost love, whose identity we still do not know.
 +The 'crew get turned into kids' idea was also mooted by [[Thande]] (he abandoned it when he learned Dave was already working on it) - his planned episode was titled '​AH.com4Kidz',​ after [[Flocculencio]]'​s disparaging nickname for Chingo'​s forum.
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