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 **[[Atlantis|The Atlantis series]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]]) **[[Atlantis|The Atlantis series]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]])
-**[[alternate history:Bring the Jubilee]]** (Ward Moore)+**[[Bring the Jubilee]]** (Ward Moore)
-**[[alternate history: Draka|The Draka series]]** ([[alternate_history:​S. M. Stirling]])+**[[The ​Cusanus Game]] / Das Cusanus Spiel** (Wolfgang Jeschke - German AH)
-**[[alternate history: For Want Of A Nail]]** (Robert Sobel)+**[[Draka|The Draka series]]** ([[alternate_history:S. M. Stirling]]) 
 +**[[For Want Of A Nail]]** (Robert Sobel)
 **[[Guns of the South]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]]) **[[Guns of the South]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]])
-**[[alternate history:Island in the Sea of Time|The Island in the Sea of Time (Nantucket) series]]** ([[alternate_history:​S. M. Stirling]])+**[[Island in the Sea of Time|The Island in the Sea of Time (Nantucket) series]]** ([[alternate_history:​S. M. Stirling]])
-**[[alternate history: ​The Peshawar Lancers]]** ([[alternate history:S. M. Stirling]])+**[[The Peshawar Lancers]]** ([[alternate history:S. M. Stirling]])
 **[[Romanitas]]** (Sophia McDougal) **[[Romanitas]]** (Sophia McDougal)
-**[[alternate_history:​southern_victory|The Southern Victory (TL-191) series]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]])+**[[southern_victory|The Southern Victory (TL-191) series]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]])
-**[[alternate_history:​worldwar|The Worldwar series]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]])+**[[worldwar|The Worldwar series]]** ([[Harry Turtledove]])
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