WorldA Maps for Official Alternate Timelines.

This thread is mostly made for Maps to be made from Offical alt timelines (ex: Kaisreich, Southern Victory, Man in the High Castle) you are welcome to make maps of an Offical Alternate History works.

You may use these maps for your own Timelines.
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Southern Victory by Harry Turtledove.

Southern Victory (aka Timeline 191) is a popular timeline in which some plan was executed by the south, wins the civil war, lose ww1 and turn fascist.

Southern Victory (1880).png
1881: Beginning of the Second Mexican War

Southern Victory (1914).png

1914: The Great War began

Southern Victory (1925).png

1925: The Interwar Period
Southern Victory (1941).png

1941: The Second Great war began

Southern Victory (1950).png

(NON-CANON) How I believe the world looks like in the 1950s.
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I have a map of my own to post here:
This is the map of the world at the time of Harry Turtledove's novel Homeward Bound
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