"What Madness Is This?" Volume II: Prophecies in the Dark

Given this TL's habit of making RL conspiracy theories turn out to be true, I'm wondering if this TL's equivalent of 9/11 (assuming it has one) will actually be an inside job with the purpose of giving the NUSA excuse to invade a middle eastern country for oil.

Alternatively it's not an inside job, but it's orchestrated by the Illuminist terrorist George W. Bush, who leads what is essentially a strange mix of the Weather Underground and the Red Army Faction.
Oswald gets assassinated and it turns out it really was the mob/CIA/Russians/etc

(Thats going to be the only one I make so I don’t incur the wrath of the Bear and his hammer)
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"Thomas had seen enough. The Infees had to go."
It's tae fer ye to apostate, I'd be wanting!

Break Van:
You can't; I'm innocent! I'm an innocent member of the Church!

Och! Are you? You're nothing but a screechin' and a noise when all said and done! Spite Dougie, would ye? Take that!

[Bumps Van]

Break Van:
Oh - oh, oh! Please sir, I'm sorry! I'll do it sir!

The van behaved better after that.

[Cut to Thomas the Tank Engine watching from afar]

So this is how the Irish run their trains...

Thomas had seen enough. The Infees had to go.
Seriously, it would probably emphasize proper social order even more
I'm afraid to learn what the WMIT versions of classic shows are.

You can't; I'm innocent! I'm an innocent member of the Church!
They can't do too much to make people think that the AFC is riddled with heathen though. That's actually something I've been wondering about. I know a couple of times (most recently with Graham) the AFC has changed its doctrines to remain popular. Have they ever misjudged that?
Madness MLP is the only thing I care about now


A character from the popular American cartoon My Pinnacle Pony
Still alive guys! Been a little busy being horrified at real life madness rn and real world stuff that is just beating the life out of me. I hope everyone is having as good a 2021 as the Gods allow a pathetic mortal to have in this day and age. Lmao

I shall return posthaste with the Congo Sea shitsasternado!
Well, given that it would flood the entire Congo Basin, I think it's safe to say that a good few million people would be wiped off the face of the Earth.
You know its not gonna flood instantly right? I think everyone except the sloths will have time to move as it slowly floods.

The mouth of the Congo Basin where it meets the sea
I think that the dam will be better placed right before Kinshasa-Brazzaville at Maloukou or at Kwamouth or Sédèk, as the river is narrower there and flooding there will remove less arable land and more of that damned jungle. Also a dam at the mouth of the river is idiotic as the river will just flood the surrounding and then instanly find a new route to the ocean. Just look at the elevation map of the Congo region and its gonna be pretty obvious where you should put it : in a place where it will flood the Congo Bassin.
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It will eliminate the historic sites and cities of the Congo, wash away villages, drown stubborn people who refuse to leave, and cause a massive humanitarian crisis in North Africa. It ain't going to be pretty.