Rump Austrian Empire after World War I Revised

Kaiser Karl I passed away in his sleep on January 2,1930 Crown Prince Otto had been acting for his father for the past 3 years and he would be crowned on February 2,1930 as the new Kaiser. He had helped to re-establish relations with Czechoslovakia,Hungry and Poland.
Kaiser Otto I continued the policies that had been first launched by his father to deal with the results of the Great War. One of the things that he had done was to treat the break away parts of the old empire with respect. The Austrian Kaiser was well respected by these former parts of the Old Empire and they were able to reach agreements .
the Skoda works helped to modernize the ships. In addition Austria and the Czechoslovakian Republic came to an understanding allowing for the modernization of both country's armies.
Kaiser Otto I was attempting to reform the government and to make Austria, Croatia and Slovenia unite and function as a single entity. He made sure that the other two parts of the Austrian Federal Empire felt that they had a say in the government. The Imperial Parliament funded new schools and hospitals in both Croatia and Slovenia. The education system mandated the teaching of German so that people who joined the military would be able to function alside those from all parts of the Empire yet there was an allowance that the Croatian language could also be taught in the Croatian part of the Empire and Slovenian in that Povience. The Empire still had an Italian Minority but not all Italians wanted to join Italy.
The Austrian Army adopted the Czech Light Machine gun meaning that three countries adopted it Czechoslovkia,Austria and Great Britain while Hungary adopted a Swiss design that was close to the German LGM-38
Austria had established good relations with Czechoslovakia and Poland. It had also developed a working relationship with Hungary and Yugoslavia( which had incorporated two provinces previously part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The AustrianEmpire still had Italians living within its borders..But the Treaty that had ended the First World War had seen the ethnic Italian Population vote to remain with Austria.Austrian Intelligence was carefully watching the Italian Fascist Party as it consider it to be a political threat..
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It was only in the 1930s that the Austrian Empire was able to find money to begin modernizing the country's military. The Army had priority with funding but some money was found for the Air Force and the Navy. Two of the oldest battleships were scrapped and their guns used to man fortifications along the Italian and Yugoslav border.
The Army had already received a new Czech designed LMG and the Austrians were looking at both Czech and Swedish tank designs.
Austria had been very concern with Germany. Austria's action in helping to bring the war to an end in 1917 had actually helped to save Russia from revolution and Germany from an economic collapse. There was a lot of pressure on both the Kaiser and his son the crown Prince to renounce the throne as bth were blamed for the mess that Germany was in. The Kaisers brother was named as regent> Crown Prine Rupphrect of Bavaria was named as the new commander of the Army and spent most of the 1920s crushing attempts to overthrow the government frpm both the right and left.
The attempt by the Nazi party was crushed and the leader of the party was arrested and tried before a Special Military Court. Adolph Hitler was sentenced to Death by Hanging along with 6 others Former WWI Ace Herman Goring was sentence to 10 years in Prison.
Austria had completed a line of fortifications along the border with Italy> The Austrian Government made clear that there would be no further adjustments to the Austro-Italian border. Austria bought 156 Czech made T-35 tanks for its army. It was seeking a more powerful tank armed with a 47mm gun.
Austria and Czechoslovakia had talks regarding aircraft ,tanks and artillery. The Austrians continued to produce small arms and some artillery for its army and Austrian Industry was producing a well made armored car. Austria had received approval to produce the Czech designed Lmg. It had purchased 500 of the Czech made guns and was producing another 2,000 of them in Austria. In addition the Czechs were working on a new tank the T-38 but the Austrians were seeking a somewhat larger tank armed with a 47mm gun. If the Czechs could met the Austrian requirements they would purchase 290 of the vehicles.
Austria made it clear to Britain and France that it was not interested in starting a war with anyone. It sole goal was to modernize it military so as to discourage anyone from starting a war with it. Austria was unhappy with statements from the Italian Fascist Party that seem to be leading to hostilities between people along the border.
German companies had been assisting the Austrian Imperial Navy in the construction of more modern submarines.
Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of the Last Kaiser and Head of the Council of Regent in 1928 prepared to have his grandnephew installed as the new Kaiser Prince Louis Ferdinand was 21 . Some on the council of Regents had called for a vote by the people.
The Council of Regents was divided on the question of whether there should be a vote by the public on whether the former Kaiser's grandson should be named as Kaiser or the Council should just declare it or the Parliament should vote on it. The Bavarian Crown Prince Ruprecht seemed to have a deciding vote. He had been acting as the Commander of the Imperial Army since Field Marshal Hindenburg had been relieved of his command by the Kaiser's brother after speaking with the Chancellor. The Bavarian had endorsed the proposal that the people vote on it but recommended that the Council endorse him and get the Imperial Parliament to also endorse him.
The Council of Regents approved the proposal to make Louis Ferdinad ,Grandson of the former Kaiser to the Imperial Parliament where it was aproved. A National vote was then held and the voters approved the sellection >The Kaiser's brother saw Louis sworn in as Kaiser. It was the last action he was to take as he was hospitalized and died several months latter.. Ruprecht was sworn in in Bavaria as the new King and he resigned as commander of the Imperial Army
The New Bavarian King Hosted the Austrian Kaiser with his Chancellor and Defense Minister for a get together with the new German Kaiser,the Chancellor and the War Minister. The meeting was to discuss foreign affairs and defense issues. Otto wanted to sound the Germans on their position on a variety of issues, especially Italy and Russia.
Austria's Foreign Minister had flown to Britain to consult with the British Government and he was expected to also meet with the French before returning to Austria. It was clear that Austria was moving to try to build a consensuses among the powers in Europe to avoid another conflict.
The Austrian Government met with the Yugoslav government s 'Ambassador in Vienna regarding Fascist Italy. Austria had been trying to smooth over problems between Austria and Yugoslavia. France had urge the Yugoslav government to solve problems diplomaticly.
In the late Spring of 1930 Austria,Yugoslavia and Hungary worked on a treaty that would solve border issues involving the three countries. Austria and Yugoslavia also signed a trade agreement and a nonaggression Pact. This resolved issues that had remained after the conclusion of the First World War
Austria had encouraged Germany to supply the Baltic States with 37mm Antitank guns as well as At rifles and when the Germans were slow to move Austria provided Lithuania
with 24 Austrian Made 47mm AT guns and 4,800 rounds of ammo. Austria encouraged Sweden to provide each of the Baltic States with 40mm AA guns
Austria provided Lithuania with 200 Swiss made Light Machine guns along with 200,000 round s of ammo. Sweden provided Estonia and Latvia with antitank guns,antitank rifles and 200 light machine guns. It also agreed to sell the two nations new rifles at a discount
Kaiser Otto I arrived in Great Britain for a state visit. He would be the guest of the British Royal Family. He was also to have a meeting with the British Prime Minister.The late King George V considered Otto's late father a friend and the man who had helped end the madness that was the First World War. They had exchanged letters and phone calls.
Otto had as Crown Prince been their for the funeral of George V.
Otto had spoken to both the British Prime Minister and the French Premier and President by phone. He had been trying to convince them to support actions which would discourage Russia from starting another conflict over trying to recover the Baltic States. Britain had agreed to make it clear that it supported the independence of the three states and would take action if Russia made any hostile moves. France also sent a similar message as did Germany.