Return of Horrible Educational Maps

The great thing about this little exercise in optical shock therapy is that, in all the subsequent posts, nobody commented on the choice of projection x'D
It was a weapon of mass distraction! :D


Well everyone is off getting their eyes treated by an ophthalmologist so there is no one left to argue...
How the HELL did you figure this out? :p
South America. I first noticed that the ABC countries (Argentina, Brazil and Chile) were all the same color, and then when I noticed Bolivia and Colombia were also the same colors, that got me started. I may have missed a few in each color, but I think most people are agreeing with me on what the overall concept is.

And as for being human, I'll have you know that I pass the Turing test on a regular basis.
"A group of students come to you after class and express that they find the map insulting, since it marginalizes their homelands and emphasizes the homelands of people who have been pillaging their homelands for centuries and telling their people that they are inferior."
Ah yes, the pillaging warmongers of GREENLAND


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You're not just adding fuel to the fire, you're committing arson to justify role-playing as a firefighter. I was going to write a full-length response, but frankly your premise is so stupid that it's not worth my time. Your entire argument is predicated on the belief that the Mercator projection was created by white supremacists/colonialists/people you don't like, and that those who use it presently are either members of that cohort or are mere ignorant rubes who need to be freed from the bondage of ignorance by you and your fellow intellectual liberators, a worldview which is quite flawed. I'm not going to waste any more time deconstructing your wall of text sentence by sentence, but suffice to say that it has replaced the initial map as the dumbest thing I have read in the last twenty-four hours.
Don't personalize things.

Play the ball.
And now for a map that isn't really bad (especially when compared to many other map aberrations in this thread) but the borders and coastlines are just a little bit sloppy and kinda blotchy.

Might be a map version of the Ankh-Morpork Patrician's clock.