Return of Horrible Educational Maps

Was just reminded of this... probably belong in r/mapswithoutNZ F651254C-95F7-41E2-964D-ADF08319765D.png
Canada (and Scandinavia) must have bought up all that African land to fill in Hudson Bay (and the Baltic Sea). Maybe the mapmakers in those countries were just tired of drawing the islands and coastlines.
I think it is an alternative world where the European colonial empires decided to literally "take land from Africa".
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Yakko's World in WorldA. Not sure if it belongs here.
Yakko's World definitely belongs here, not least because (as far as I know) it's actually supposed to be educational. It's not that bad, all things considered: while it's weird mixing geographical and political entities it's not like it's a bad idea to point out where Tibet or Sumatra are, and what American 9-12 year old is going to need to point out Saint Kitts and Nevis or Dominica? Plus I think saying "the Spanish Sahara is gone" is a pretty clever way to deal with that particular problem area.

The original map is a pretty bad one, though. It's badly distorted and has a pretty terrible color scheme.
Yakko's world has some inaccuracies even putting aside the mix of political and geographical terms but overall it is pretty good.
What happened to Antarctica? Did they use it to fill in the Caribbean ocean?
the original doesn't have that weird blob in the Caribbean (it's highlighted that way when it's named in the song but otherwise it's colored like the rest of the ocean), but most of Antarctica is still missing
Given the low number of pieces this puzzle is meant for younger children. Still that's not really an excuse for the errors.

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Some of the weird shapes are excusable by way of this being a jigsaw puzzle, since the Austria or Slovakia pieces might break easily. But then you get to "Bosnia & Hergegovina," which is, uh…

EDIT: wow, I thought OTL's Treaty of Trianon was bad
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Given the low number of pieces this puzzle is meant for younger children. Still that's not really an excuse for the errors.
Mmh, Kalinigrad was annexed by Lithuania and Corsica became independent. Scotland by contrast appears to be on a diet as it is very slim.