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I want to share some Timelines in spanish: 'El Visitante' pod: Hitler is killed in an attempt in the paris opera building... that continues with two more threads 'La Pugna'(The struggle) & 'Crisis el-Visitante' (Crisis the Visitor).
Also the first ever ASB Timeline in spanish: La Fractura or Spain 2016 ISOT to August 1940.

The Fracture :
At the end of 2016, just in one of the most decisive moments for the Contemporary History of Spain, the country that is debating between several possibilities of political agreement or the call for new elections, appears at the end of August of 1940. Spain remains the same, (except for the mysterious disappearance of several million migrants and foreign tourists) and will must face the challenges from hers came to a world that is at war.
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Why are those TLs on a domain hosted in Ukraine?!

On which you are based to state it... Because although these forums has a public, clear and a strong political position... AFAIK the FMG is not hosted there.
But notwithstanding the hosted stuff, I want to share this forum's TLs that being the start of Alternate History writings in Spanish.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the sport of baseball.
Open States allows users the opportunity to find information on politics happening in each state. The user can search by their address or browse by state. State political information includes the demographics and information on legislators, current and past bills, and committees.
Search through forums quickly – Forums are great for community backed solutions to problems.
“Today I Learned” – Daily doses of random awesome knowledge.
Library of entertaining videos on general knowledge topics.
Educational YouTube channel.
Science library that acts as a classroom resource as well as a personal learning tool.
A stick-figure-illustrated blog about almost everything

Details can say a lot about differences between various historical periods.

Given how the topic described in the above video also pertains to footwear, I'll just add that heels start becoming more common by the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. And even during the early 17th century, the shoes with heeled souls of the time usually weren't built as ergonomically as they'd be today. They just sort of gradually copied the shape of your feet as you wore them.
Stuff I discovered or rediscovered recently: - A very detailed website about stone age tools and hunting weapons. Older design of site, but excellent informative text and plenty of images. - Ancient and Medieval Architecture. A growing website. - A wiki about Venice. Everything you wanted to know about La Serenissima, but were afraid to ask.

Gunpowder and Arab Firearms in the Middle Ages - An older research article, available for download in .pdf format.