Fishing for map ideas

Hey, if you're still looking for ideas, I've got one. Imagine a scenario where instead of the Europeans industrializing, it is the Chinese (specifically the Song) or the Indian countries that industrialized first?
India as a superpower or "successor" of USA (in similar way as USA could be seen as "successor" of UK in world hegemony)
Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for - but what about a reversed land/sea world map (where the Marianas Trench are the highest mountains on Earth and the Himalayas are the lowest point of the sea)? Then map out fictional countries…
A world, where Holy Roman Empire evolved into all-europe Warhammer-like caesaropapist "Empire of Catholics" (where Emperor was also a Roman Pope), contending with the Ottoman Sunni Caliphate, Shia Persian Empire, Orthodox Third-Rome-in-Moscow, Great Manchu China, and, maybe, Protestant Northren Leage of Britain and Scandinavia (and PuritanTheocracy in Northern America, of course).