Fishing for map ideas

Hey, if you're still looking for ideas, I've got one. Imagine a scenario where instead of the Europeans industrializing, it is the Chinese (specifically the Song) or the Indian countries that industrialized first?
India as a superpower or "successor" of USA (in similar way as USA could be seen as "successor" of UK in world hegemony)
Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for - but what about a reversed land/sea world map (where the Marianas Trench are the highest mountains on Earth and the Himalayas are the lowest point of the sea)? Then map out fictional countries…
A world, where Holy Roman Empire evolved into all-europe Warhammer-like caesaropapist "Empire of Catholics" (where Emperor was also a Roman Pope), contending with the Ottoman Sunni Caliphate, Shia Persian Empire, Orthodox Third-Rome-in-Moscow, Great Manchu China, and, maybe, Protestant Northren Leage of Britain and Scandinavia (and PuritanTheocracy in Northern America, of course).
Since this hasn't reached the point of thread necromancy yet, I would deign to offer a few more ideas...

What if Italy conquered Ethiopia back in the Scramble for Africa?
(I don't think I've ever seen this)

What if the US banned slavery in the territories per Jefferson's plan?

What if the US annexed the Dominican Republic as the Republicans wanted?

What if Theoderic succeeded in stitching the Western Roman Empire back together for a generation or two longer before it all went to pieces?
Would love to see this world brought to the present.
A scenario with British America but dystopic with a developmental path of OTL South Africa or Latin America, and even more racial and class stratification, and other dystopic elements like We’ll Meet Again the Timeline
Like so

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- Valentinus, the Gnostic scholar, was almost elected Pope in the second century AD. What if through him Valentinian Gnosticism became the mainstream (at least likely in the West and the Southeast (Egypt, Syria, where it was already notably present). Now this is all centuries before Constantine’s conversion, so maybe he would find this Valentinian Christianity less appealing than OTLs proto-Orthodox (Orthodox in the sense of Nicene not necessarily of the modern denomination of the same name) Christianity. Maybe he goes for like solar monotheism instead, as throughout his life he was actually pretty ambiguous of the miracle that gave him his victory was from Jesus or from Sol. The “cross” he saw in the sky and painted on his shields was probably like a + in a circle, not a Christogram, because he probably saw a sun dog. It was only later that he decided on Christianity.

So maybe Rome suffers something like Valentinian separatism, with like, IDK, a Christian Kingdom of Egypt or something.

Just a thought.