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I forgot two islands in the Pacific of Chile, but anyway, about the precision in the south of Chile, I only say one thing: AAAHHHH

Well, I was cleaning the borders of the North African to make the bordeless version and I noticed that some wadis were not completely in that base map that I had assembled, so I am making some changes. Starting with a mini-rework in the Nile basin: Toshka lakes, oasis with large lakes, rework of the Egyptian wadis and the floodplain of the Nile, I still haven't changed the Sudan

EDIT:I finished changing Sudan, tomorrow I'll look at the rest Sahara, PS: I'm still going to finish Latin America, would you like North America, after all, why not?

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Well a little something while I don't finish the borderless version of the Sahara (there were more wadis missing than I thought on the base map), the borders of Portugal, Italy + Malta, and some of the rivers of the Morocco (I'm still working on it)

Ok, I updated the water part and a review on the northern sub-Saharan coast (there were some recent dams in Nigeria that were not on the base map, and I also tried to detail the Niger delta ...); I also updated the political frontiers in the Caribbean; it has some minor corrections in the rest of the map.

@Rosella the base map we are using is taken from the data on the DIVA-GIS website, transformed into Equal Earth with GProjector, I have the bases in my DeviantArt if you want to take a look.
can you tell me how you get the different colors? i want to update the ones i have done but i dunno how you did them
in paint.net i copied a separate political layer with everything in the same layer; the common territory I am painting with color as a normal option; in rivers, floodplains and dry waters I have the option to multiply