As Dreamers Do Part Deux

At last, here's the 2007-08 Saturday Morning schedule. This year, I'm experimenting with a new format to outline each network's lineup. Let me know what you guys think of the new format and let me know what shows catch your eye this year.

All Times Eastern and Pacific.
New shows are indicated in BOLD text.
Network8:00 AM8:30 AM9:00 AM9:30 AM10:00 AM10:30 AM11:00 AM11:30 AMNoon12:30
ABC (Nick on ABC)The Suite Life with Zack and Cody [Live action]Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsBen 10Out of Jimmy's HeadTotal Drama IslandChowderHannah Montana [Live action]WaysideClass of 3000Ed, Edd n' Eddy
CBSCare Bears: Adventures in Care-a-LotStrawberry Shortcake (Revival)Ruby GloomBeing IanThe BatmanSushi Pack (Luxor)George of the Jungle (Luxor; Revival)Viva PinataTeen Titans (Reruns)Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi (Reruns)
(Nothin' But Cool)
Curious GeorgePeppa PigLazytown [Live action and puppets]AnimaliaBig Nate (Revival)Woody Woodpecker (Revival)Tales from the Neighborhood (USACX)Captain Flamingo (USACX)Grossology (Lionsgate)One Piece (Lionsgate; English Dub)
SBCYo Gabba Gabba!WordGirl (Warner Bros)Magi-Nation (Carolco)Edgar and EllenZatch Bell (English dub)WITCHWinx ClubPower Rangers: Jungle FuryWhat's with Andy? (Reruns)Samurai Pizza Cats (Reruns)
Fox (One Saturday Morning)My Friends Tigger and PoohThe Land Before Time (Revival)Phineas and FerbKingdom Hearts: The SeriesThe Spectacular Spider-ManThe Emperor's New SchoolTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 Revival)Naruto (English dub)Sgt. Frog (English Dub)Hikaru No Go (English Dub)
UPNArthurMaya and MiguelPostman Pat (BBC)Tom and Jerry and Droopy Hour (Turner)Tom and Jerry and Droopy HourThe Story of Tracy Beaker (BBC)Shaun the Sheep (BBC)Skunk Fu! (BBC)He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Revival)Biker Mice from Mars (Revival)
What's luxor?
Maybe as a compensation for the cancellation of the two Butch Hartman shows, Cartoon Network is giving Pendleton Ward a new contract to Ruby-Spears. Ronnie Biddles and My Stupid Cats are replacement players, and it will start in 2008.
Miramax 2.0 and Seltzerberg are planning on two sequels to Epic Movie in 2008 (OTL's titles were Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie, TTL's titles are Epic Movie Part II and Epic Movie Part III).
I think my stupid cats and ronnie biddle would be better off as adults and thus shouldn't be the replacments for Danny phantom and farily odd parents.
Would eighteen months be enough time for a hiatus/retool?
I am up to a hiatus for fairly odd parent but not Danny phatome becasue was cancelled in 2007 otl. However I am up to danny phatome a segual series focusing on a colleage or adult danny. A seagul series could also focus on the offspring of danny and sam
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Here's the new St. Louis Sorcerers (NFL) logo:
If you want to cover a small update on the UK Elite Ice Hockey League in terms of teams that can be added (possibly say we get to 2012/13 here) then I can help with that. Would be nice having a ice hockey update in the TL TBH.