Fair enough, if anything, every genre is being reexamined , from comedy to science fiction, but the thing to remember is that these are angles and stories that haven't been told before. Traditionally the stories and films have been told from the perspective of straight WASP male characters / protagonists.
OK, then give me a story about some black guys with guns going back and shooting the Hell out of Bobby Lee with a few thousand rounds of ammo, then burning his corpse for good measure, before freeing his slaves and saving President Lincoln from John Wilkes Booth. I'd watch the Hell out of that. Throw in a battle on top of a train, some ex-slaves killing Jeff Davis, maybe Honest Abe splitting some wood.

I mean, even Legends of Tomorrow (a show about the most broad-strokes pastiches of pop history that deliberately plays up tired tropes to milk them for comedy) did this pretty well a few years ago when one of the characters (a black guy who fuses with a Jewish academic to become a superhero, it's complicated) was stuck on a southern plantation during the Civil War. The plantation owners were horrible abusive racists even before the Confederate zombies showed up, and nobody cared when one of the protagonists refused to take a risk for one of said plantation owners and watched him get eaten instead.
It's a weird and delicate balance. I certainly can point to the scenes from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter from both the film and book. (Let's not talk about the blatant cash grab of the sequel):

But I would also point out the Asylum's Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies:

As for books that follow the path, you are looking for, definitely check out Fire on the Mountain (1988) by Terry Bisson, which is pretty utopian:

That having been said. . . this seems to me to be like the genre of 'black suffering revenge porn'.
Oppressploitation as a name for the genre?
The film's tagline is: "if it chooses you, nothing can save you."
So, is it random and this movie just happens to follow the modern women dumped in the Antebellum south as opposed to the nineteenth century women who got eaten by a dinosaur or the twenty-second century women sent to modernity currently trying to bomb Boston Dynamics HQ before they unleash the robo-pocalypse or is there some kind of group of altrightist hate criminals lynching their victims by stuffing them in a one-way time machine? And if the second option, this sounds like a fairly interesting detective story, the victim leaving clues in the past to be discovered by a detective in modernity, with the intention of catching their attackers before they can send them back in time?
It seems there’s another Time travel alternate history/slavery story being released alongside Antebellum.

it’s called CRACKA.

So is this meant to be an alternate history/universe which is basically the Antebellum south with the races flipped or the result of some kind of time traveler meddling?