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  1. The War Games hexagon world map: a tool that lets you color and create your own custom world map for alt history scenarios

    Hi everyone, My name is Minas, and I am the developer of MapChart. It is a custom map-making tool that you can use to create and color your own map. From time to time, I have seen users here post maps made with MapChart. After many requests, I decided to work on a fully-detailed world map that...
  2. Telamon Tabulicus

    Diversity Maximized World Map | Atlas Altera
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    Hi all, I've been lurking around in this forum for years but I never felt like I fit in. Though I'm quite interested in history, my other interests are a little different. Over the years, I've been quietly working away at my own alternate history project, which I call Atlas Altera. Now that I'm...
  3. PrinceTanglemane

    Capital Cities

    I was curious about if there's a map depicting each capital city on a map. I only got Washington, New Delhi and Moscow down. I want to include each capital in my map. Not each capital in the world. Countries: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, UK, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Poland...
  4. PrinceTanglemane

    Southern Victory Map

    Hello, from Tanglemane. I was wondering if somebody has a map depicting the world from Timeline 191. A map depicting Timeline 191 in this style.
  5. The Pieman

    The X-BAM main thread

    This thread is for the discussion of the X-BAM map that will be larger and more detailed that its M-BAM Parent map.
  6. fluttersky

    A new map projection.

    Currently, most world maps on this site use the Robinson projection. Here's a blank map of the Earth, followed by a completely blank map with only lines of latitude and longitude. I don't think that this projection is ideal, for several reasons. Distances vary between different parts of the...