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  1. Persephone

    Of Poets and Supermen Volume I - The Drums of War
    Threadmarks: Chapter I - The Great Expropriation of 1907

    Chapter I - The Great Expropriation of 1907 “This is not peace. This is an armistice for twenty years.” - Ferdinand Foch The Great War: The Long Shadow of 1914, David Reynolds Of all the wars of the 20th century, none have had a greater impact than the Great War of 1914[1]. The Great War has...
  2. What Goes Up Must Come Down: A Third Reich Cold War TL
    Threadmarks: Facing the Music

    June 10, 1990 Prachtallee, Welthauptstadt Germania, German Reich 30 year old Ernst Gellman was a man of two minds: one seeking to serve the Reich, the other seeking its end. His teacher, his Hitler Youth commander, his parents, his training adviser, all told him that if he fought for the...