the onward march of freedom

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    Can a 1930s-built city have a population of 5 million by the 21st century

    Good day. In my TL, "Onward March of Freedom", I had President Roosevelt in my TL's late-1937 expand the Resettlement Administration to build new Tennessee Valley Authority duplicates in other states... And most of all, build new cities in each state to facilitate recovery from the Great...
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    Love Train: The Onward March of Freedom Oneshots

    "People all over the world Join hands Start a love train, love train..." "The people deserve the best future..." -Ramon Magsaysay, 6th President of the Philippines, 1960 "'Solidarity' means sharing joy with the world whilst not forgetting our uniqueness..." -Claro M. Recto, late Philippine...
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    The Onward March of Freedom: The Cold War
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    June 12, 2026 Freedom Square Quezon City, Philippines 10:34 AM UTC+8 "...THE day was Independence Day in the Philippines. Filipinos from all walks of life went to celebrate the day the Filipinos were finally free from centuries of oppression and destitution. I could still remember the time when...