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  1. Houston Is For The Birds And St. Louis Is Down With The Browns

    Well the 2023 MLB Playoffs have started in the United States so I feel it’s time for a good baseball scenario. What If the Cardinals moved to Houston in 1954? As baseball laid dormant in the winter of January 1953 Fred Saigh owner of the St. Louis Cardinals was mulling over his future. He’d...
  2. TheMatthew25

    The Americans Stay Strong in St. Louis: The History of the St. Louis Americans of the NHL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: An Unlikely New Start.

    "I wasn't planning to upload this till the new year but I after getting it proofed reader by a friend and being able to create the logo and jersey. Well, I might as well try and see what everyone thinks. The story is created due to the "Sports What-if" Thread about the Brooklyn Americans and how...
  3. Military Strategies of a Confederate Kentucky and Missouri

    Let's just say that Kentucky and Missouri join the Confederate States regardless of the POD involved whether if it's an early Civil War in the 1850s where the United States fires the first shots or they're more lucky with these states in 1861. Now what would the military offensives for both...