mexico civil war

  1. vulpesvelox

    In a world where the North of Mexico is under the US, who wins the Mexican Revolution?

    I know that there are insane levels of butterfly effect that could happen in this universe, but let's say after the Mexican-American War the U.S. takes the entire North of Mexico (Republic of the Rio Grande, Sonora, Chihuahua) or maybe it incorporated via the Gadsden Purchase or some other way...
  2. Viva la Revolución: a trotskyist Mexico

    On December 1, 1934, Manuel Pérez Treviño, general and leader of the Mexican Revolution, took office as President of Mexico. As the candidate of the National Revolutionary Party (PNR), Treviño's election was a foregone conclusion. It was politically impossible for its patron, Plutarco Elías...
  3. how would the Mexican Revolution look like with a delayed WW1?

    The Mexican Revolution got hot exactly around the time WW1 started, how would no WW1 in 1914 change the cards in Mexico? How likely is an armed intervention by the US? Would european powers get involved?
  4. Reisen Storm

    Mexico's War of Reform

    So what would be a consequence had the Conservatives Mexican had won in the Reform War? And what would be the consequences of their victory? Would this in any way affect France's intervention of Mexico? Blue is conservative, Red is Liberals and white is Baja California being Baja California.
  5. Roberto El Rey

    Al Grito de Guerra: the Second Mexican Revolution

    Special thanks to the inimitable @Allochronian for the cover art! Well, well, well. Would ya look who it is. Oh, God, not you again. I could say the same to you, Mister Started-a-timeline-and-then-ended-it-within-twenty-four-hours! What country are you the "Rey" of? Quittersland? Well, you...
  6. Roberto El Rey

    Al Grito de Guerra: The Second Mexican Revolution
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    July 2, 1988 Mexico City A great city is never silent. Of course, no city is ever silent in the literal sense. No matter the hour, engines groan in Xianjiang, dogs bark in Kananga and pistons pound in Magnitogorsk. But beneath the cursory activities of their inhabitants, those cities are...