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  1. France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread III - The lost files

    Hello there, In Line of Wing's work on FFO (may he be praised), which cannot of course pretend to translate everything, I have thought it would be interesting to add a few addentum, annexs and personnals files of all the authors. The thread will be alimented ... when I got time. Still, I hope...
  2. Sphinx

    Cries of the Fallen: 1912
    Threadmarks: CoTF: Chapter One

    Hello everyone! The following is what can be described as a 'recount' of a historical role-play game which I ran some months ago, with some adjustments. Therefore, this work is in no way an absolutely serious work of historical scrutiny, but a fun alternate timeline of the 1910s, beginning in...
  3. Wings

    France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread II - To the continent!

    Link to thread I