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  1. K4Four

    Nationalism and Decay: Inside Sukarno's Indonesia
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    Painting of Sukarno by Basuki Abdullah, 1964 • • • Nationalism and Decay: Inside Sukarno's Indonesia "I remembered what had been told to me months ago in Jakarta, "Sukarno is the great Dalang, and we are all characters in his Wayang, his shadow play. We have no existence beyond that which he...
  2. K4Four

    The Story of Indonesia: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Independence
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    The Story of Indonesia: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Independence "Look at a map of the world. Look at the great mass of islands that trails from the underbelly of mainland Southeast Asia. Squint, and you won’t be able to see the red lines marking the political boundaries. This is the...
  3. The Man from Gianyar

    United No More: An Indonesian Timeline
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    Prime Minister Sutan Sjahrir was one of the most important leaders of the early Indonesian National Revolution, and the Indonesian nationalist movement in general. He and President Sukarno had previously worked together during the Dutch colonial period, and were both exiled by the colonial...
  4. K4Four

    Tanah Air : An Indonesian timeline
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    Tanah Air An Indonesian timeline Welcome to the Portal Page for the Tanah Air alternate timeline By Bakso Joko Widodo Coat of Arms of Indonesia Foreword The following timeline is my very first one the site. I’ve worked on it, drafted it stopped working on it, and finally, it reached a...
  5. Aluma

    New Holland in the East! If Maurice Nassau was sent to Indonesia

    For those who dont know, here's a quick rundown on who Nassau was directly from our friend Wikipedia:,_Prince_of_Nassau-Siegen With this out of the way My question is, what would have happened if he...
  6. MCPO-MagicalGeek

    What if the Majapahit Empire didn't collapse

    What if the Majapahit didn't decline and later collapse, mostly only loosing territories until they are only controlling Modern-Indonesia, and modernized a lot like what the Japanese did and later the Dutch weren't able to fully colonized the Archipelago mostly Colonizing Sulawesi and Papua...
  7. SkylineDreamer

    Emerald of The Equator: An Indonesian TL
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    [Taken from the Election Game of the same title, aside from several edits] Emerald of the Equator: An Indonesian TL After a series of devastating colonial rule, with Japan the most current, and another Allied invasion who tried to restore the Dutch East Indies. Indonesia can finally relax...
  8. GauchoBadger

    How would relations between Europe and a surviving Majapahit Empire go?

    So, assume that the Majapahit Empire doesn't collapse, and/or that Indonesia stays more-or-less united under the hegemony of one island state till, say, the late 16th century. How would this affect relations between Europe and the East Indies? What happens to Portuguese history? With more...
  9. WI: No Sukarno in occupied-Indonesia

    From 1934 onwards Sukarno, leader of the Indonesian nationalists, was exiled from Java to first Flores and from 1938 to Bencoolen, on Sumatra. After the war with Japan broke out according to some sources Sukarno requested to be transported back to Java. He had written very negatively about...
  10. Indonesia ATL: The Presidency of Try Sutrisno (1997-)
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    For obvious reasons, Indonesia circa 1965 seems to be a popular choice on these forum. My idea is about something more recent. IRL, in November 1997, Suharto goes on a foreign trip which includes attending the APEC Summit, visiting some African countries, and even going on an Umrah in Saudi...