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  1. AHC: The Six Wives of Francis I

    What it says on the tin. Let's assume Henry duke of York was never king (Prince Arthur survives) and Francis I of France was the king with six wives instead. Bonus if the number of wives can be raised beyond six (like in this challenge).
  2. eliamartin65

    Snapshots from Other Worlds
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    Inspired by @isabella's Scenes from Other Worlds thread, this will be a repository for family trees and snippets from possible TLs. The ideas presented here may or may not be expanded into full TLs. Enjoy.
  3. ordinarylittleme

    Dei Gratia Regina: Queen of Portugal and the Algarves
    Threadmarks: Rainha Margarida

    I promise this is the last TL The childhood of Margaret of Valois was spent in the French royal nursery of the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye with her sisters Elisabeth and Claude, under the care of Charlotte de Vienne, "a wise and virtuous lady greatly attached to the Catholic religion"...
  4. ordinarylittleme

    The children of Francis I - Alternate TL
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    19 August 1515 Francis I of France waited expectantly for his wife and queen, Claude, to give birth. Truthfully she was a bit young to go through childbirth but both were in desperate need of heirs to secure the successions of France and Brittany, although he did wish that she allowed Brittany...
  5. Michael of Peace: A Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: July 1500 - Survival of Miguel de la Paz

    July 1500 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella's great hope for the unification of all Iberian Kingdoms into one, Prince Miguel de la Paz survives a worrying sickness after he is put under the care of a "stout" converso wet-nurse who served Queen Isabella in the Alhambra. Converso milk and...
  6. The Gold Rose: An Edward of Angoulême timeline
    Threadmarks: Year of the Three Edwards

    Year of the Three Edwards From alt-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Year of the Three Edwards, or the Year of the Three Kings, refers to the year 1377 in English history. The year is considered memorable because of the deaths of two kings in quick succession, leading to three monarchs of...
  7. ordinarylittleme

    Tudor-Habsburg-Valois joined empire - A TL

    1516: Katherine of Aragon quickly recovers from a strenuous pregnancy. She has given birth to healthy twins, Henry and Mary, and she and her husband are overjoyed and utterly doting parents. Meanwhile, her young nephew Charles V marries his cousin Isabella of Portugal during that year's...
  8. SunZi

    Gloriana and Hercules — A TL of Elizabeth and Francis' wedding

    Introduction: Gloriana and Hercules — A TL of Elizabeth and Francis' wedding I grieve and dare not show my discontent; I love, and yet am forced to seem to hate; I do, yet dare not say I ever meant; I seem stark mute, but inwardly do prate. I am, and not; I freeze and yet am burned, Since from...
  9. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Margaret of Valois, Elisabeth of Valois and Elisabeth of Austria bore male heirs?

    OTL, these three queens were unable to bear healthy male children, causing great turmoil. What if they had surviving sons, though?,_Queen_of_France
  10. ordinarylittleme

    Francis III, Duke of Brittany and Mary I of England?

    The two were betrothed as children before this arrangement was broken off. What if it hadn't been broken off? What if the two married in 1533, right before Mary was declared illegitimate? And because Francis' father and brother had seven and ten children, respectively, and Mary's mother was...
  11. Can pre-revolutionary France reach the Rhine?

    Having the Rhine as a border was a longstanding goal of French foreign policy for centuries, but it only reached said goal in the days of the Revolution and, even so, only retained it for a decade. With a POD after 1526, could the Valois or Bourbon dynasties get a Rhine border, provided several...
  12. Consequences of a French victory at Pavia?

    There are plenty on discussions about the French winning the Battle of Pavia, but I don't remember seeing any that looked at the things that could happen outside of Italy as a result. So, what could Francis I get in a peace treaty if he won the battle and captured Charles V? Milan is a given...
  13. The Professor

    Nomenclature of a divided Kingdom of France

    So let's say the Plantagenets are successful enough to maintain their control of northern France but that they can't gain the south, and accordingly the Valois can't gain the north. Assuming this becomes a long-term affair, how are the rival kingdoms referred to? Will the titles King and/or...
  14. WI: Francis III, Duke of Brittany survives

    In 1536, Francis III, Duke of Brittany and heir to the throne of France, collapsed after playing tennis and died a few days later. To this day, there's debate about whether he died of an illness or was poisoned (many - then and now - have strongly suspected his sister-in-law Catherine de' Medici...
  15. WI: Henry III of France not assassinated

    On August 1, 1589, King Henry III was preparing to attack France. A Dominican friar named Jacques Clément arrived to deliver some letters to the king and told him he had a secret message, so the king's attendants left the two alone. Then Jacques stabbed Henry with a dagger he'd hidden under his...