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  1. WI: Henry II of England dies young

    In OTL Henry II was the only son of Matilda and Geoffrey Plantagenet to not die young. His father Geoffrey V died from a fever, his brother Geoffrey died of unknown causes, his brother William died from "a broken heart" and his son died from a seizure. But what if Henry II also dies young? In...
  2. pandizzy

    Maid of Norway, Queen of Scotland: A Plantagenet Britain Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I - An Arrival

    First posted on patreon. September 1290. Orkney, Kingdom of Norway. The child that arrived in Orkney was small, blonde and bereft by motion sickness. She was surrounded by Norwegian ladies, who dragged her stringy hair away from her sickly-looking face. Her skin had a green tinge to it, her...
  3. The Gold Rose: An Edward of Angoulême timeline
    Threadmarks: Year of the Three Edwards

    Year of the Three Edwards From alt-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Year of the Three Edwards, or the Year of the Three Kings, refers to the year 1377 in English history. The year is considered memorable because of the deaths of two kings in quick succession, leading to three monarchs of...
  4. RedKing

    A Plantagenet Revival: A Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: A series of unfortunate events

    September 1497: Tragedy strikes the House of Tudor when Arthur, Prince of Wales succumbs to smallpox, after an outbreak occurred in his household. The Royal Court is thrown into mourning. None are as devasted as King Henry VII who had invested all his hopes and dreams for his dynasty in Arthur...