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    Sequel de Mayo (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Table of Contents Previous Thread: Cinco de Mayo (2022 Turtledove Winner - Colonialism and Revolutions) Prologue Part X - The Eye of the Hurricane (May 1915-1916) Part XI - From These Ashes, Nothing Grows (1917-1918) Part XII - This is the Way the...
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    Review on this Timeline of Events

    So I'm planning a TL in which the Hohenzollerns inherit the HRE in the 15th Century and have Cadet Branches ruling Britain and Iberia. So the timeline of events is the following Friederich II of Brandenburg marries Hedwig Jagiellon (she's born as a twin to a surviving son of Wladyslaw II...
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    Cinco de Mayo (Source: Wikipedia) (2022 Turtledove Winner - Best Colonialism and Revolutions Timeline) Table of Contents Part I: Point of Divergence (May 5, 1862-1864) Part II: Redrawing the Map (1865-67) Part III: An Age of Questions (1868-77) Part IV: The Liberal Ascendancy (1878-89)...