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  1. Catherine of Aragon dies in 1511.

    I have seen many threads talk about the implications of Catherine of Aragon dying along with Arthur, Prince of Wales or after the birth of Mary Tudor, but I haven't seen many that portray her death in 1511. In this TL, I speculate she'd die shortly after giving birth to Henry Tudor, Duke of...
  2. The Gybson Boy

    Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's Son Has Only Daughters

    In 1511 the prince of the new year survived to become a healthy and vivacious young man, King Henry VIII although fearful of having only one son and a daughter ended up legitimizing his bastard son Edward Fitzroy, but never sought to end his marriage. In 1527 the Prince of Wales would marry his...
  3. EdwardRex

    The New Years Prince - A Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: January-February 1511

    January 1, 1511: Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England to King Henry VIII, gives birth to a healthy baby boy, christened Henry after his father. The elder Henry is ecstatic to have a son with his beloved wife, especially since he is only 19 years old. Queen Catherine recovers well, especially...
  4. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Death dates of Henry VIII and Henry, Duke of Cornwall are switched?

    OTL, Henry VIII died in 1547, while his first son Henry Duke of Cornwall died in 1511. What if this was reversed? Katherine of Aragon becomes queen dowager, queen mother and presumably queen regent for her son's minority. What else changes?
  5. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Henry, Duke of Cornwall lives to become king

    Yup. I'm a sucker for this trope. We will assume that this boy grows up a fair bit like his mother: well-educated, strongly Catholic, bookworm, does not flinch away from bloodshed, ambitious and loving to his family. He is also a sportsman, like his father. He also has robust health after his...