1. Oba Cahokia

    How big would the Black Population be in a surviving CSA?

    I've been in the school of thought that if the CSA survived the majority of it's population would end up being black because a few states were already majority black including Florida surprisingly and neither of the Great Migrations would happen. But I not familiar with how population density...
  2. TheDetailer

    What happens to the South if Woodrow Wilson loses in 1912?

    Presume that Theodore Roosevelt or any over candidate manages to win the 1912 election against Woodrow Wilson, what happens to the South because of this? Will things get better? Or would things be worse? Will there be some mass violence in reaction to ‘their guy’ not getting in charge? Or would...
  3. Retiarius

    When was the best time to have the American Civil War?

    This might just be a piece of off-topic ban-bait induced by an unbalanced media diet of American history documentaries and The Good Place, but hear me out. When would be the ideal time to have the American Civil War, from the perspective of reducing human suffering? On the one hand; slavery...
  4. ZeroFrame

    Let Freedom Ring: War, Injustice, and the American Way
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0

    Chapter 0 Articles Of Confederation Ratified! on July 4th, 1776 the Articles of Confederation were ratified over a dispute between pro-slave factions and anti-slave factions. the compromise...
  5. AstroRangerBeans

    The True Divided Nation - An Alternate North America
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    THE TRUE DIVIDED NATION Map of United States and the Confederate States, circa 2018 I just decided to create the thread dedicating two countries remained divided so I want to make a successful worldbuilding project but some states rearranged on borders proposal. There are successful...
  6. Foushoo

    The Dialects of the Independent American Republics

    In an ATL where the Articles of Confederation collapse into a domino effect of independent republics and confederations of former US states, how would each nation's dialect develop by today? Is slightly more than 2 centuries enough time for dialects to form notably different from the OTL...
  7. Glen

    Dominion of Southern America - Updated July 1, 2018

    POD: 1766 - Josiah Martin becomes Governor of Quebec instead of Carleton, who instead becomes Governor of North Carolina in 1771. Much frivolity ensues....If you have just stumbled upon this thread, you may want to read the compiled timeline then come back to comment. The Dominion of...