1. Whiteshore

    AHC: Alternate "Israels"

    In our world, the State of Israel is notable not just as the first Jewish state in the Levant in almost 2,000 years but also in how it was formed by a diaspora which returned to its homeland in a process of aliyah, a process in which members of the Jewish diaspora migrated to Palestine as part...
  2. Forth Eorlingas

    AHC: South Asian Majority Natal

    Today, South Africa’s eastern port city of Durban has the highest concentration of South Asians living outside of South Asia (25% of the city’s population). In the wider province of kwaZulu Natal, however, South Asians make up only 7.4% of the population. With a POD of 1843, the founding of the...
  3. Did the First World War really alter the trajectory of German immigrant assimilation?

    Late last month, after getting to the southwest Ontario conurbation of Kitchener-Waterloo to ride the new LRT like on its first day of operation, I saw other things there. In Kitchener's Victoria Park, for instance, I saw this empty plinth overlooking a pond. In 1896, that location had been the...
  4. TapReflex


    TapReflex Map Concentration Thread Here assembled for convenience for both you and I, are the many Reflexworlds Let There Be Light! (Annihilation) The soft rains, come and gone have nourished the seeds of the future. Gaze into the scattered pearls of a world that is always changing, and never...
  5. AHC Crimean Gothic Diaspora

    Make the Crimean Goths become a diaspora people. Diaspora people similarily to how Romani are a diaspora people. Perhaps a new term should be used for Crimean Goths as they will not be concentrated in Crimea. What about Coths, as combination of the words "crimean" and "goth". Any suggestions?
  6. TapReflex

    No Friendly Harbor

    "From the error of other nations, let us learn wisdom" Thomas Paine, Common Sense "What I find outstanding about the American War of Independence, sometimes referred to as the First American Revolution (though I would argue there was little revolutionary about it), is in the failure of the...